Acid Scavenger Masterbatch


An ACID SCAVENGER is a chemical substance added to a mixture in order to remove or de-activate impurities and unwanted reaction products to make sure that they will not cause any unfavorable reactions. Acid scavengers are found as Hydrotalcites, Metallic Stearates & Zinc oxides. The most common acid scavenger, used in polyolefins as well as some engineering plastic products, is synthetic hydrotalcite. UNITED ACID SCAVENGER MASTERBATCH is a non-migrating inorganic multifunctional additive masterbatch. It acts both as an acid scavenger and stabilizer. These neutralize acidic residues to protect processing equipment from corrosion.

Our Masterbatch significantly improves the durability of polymer systems. They allow polymers to be more resistant in humid environments (hydrolysis), as well as towards acids and radicals (autoxidation), therefore considerably decelerating the associated disintegration process of the affected polymers.


  • Agriculture mulch films
  • Surface coating
  • Heat stabilizer for PVC, PVDC- heat and ultraviolet resistant
  • Neutralizer for Ziegler catalyst in PP, LLDPE, HDPE, ETC
  • Stabilizer for organo-halogen flame retardant in ABS, PP, PS
  • Acid accepters having good water resistively for halogen containing rubber
  • nfra red ray absorber for PE, PVC, EVA for agricultural film


  • Stronger acid absorbing ability
  • High corrosion protection
  • No migration
  • Better thermal stability
  • Well harmonized with plastic additives
  • Prevents polymer from yellowing

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