Anti Termite Masterbatches


UNITED ANTI-TERMITE MASTERBATCH is formulated to protect polymeric products that are installed underground or along trunking channels, against vermin (especially rodent and termite) attacks.The active ingredients used are non-toxic repellents, which deters attack without causing harm to the vermins.The anti termite active ingredient is approved for use in catchment areas.

It is a concentrate produced using a unique non- toxic, non-hazardous formulation based on aversion repellent rodents.This proprietary formulation based on plant based irritation agent is made in an easy dispensable carrier resin to make it compatible with main polymers such as PE, PP, PVC, ABS, EVA, TPO, TPE, EVA, HFFR supports this proven Anti-termite solution.


  • Wires, Cables,Tubes & Pipes
  • Blow, Injection & Rotational molding
  • Home wrap, fruit and vegetable shipping boxes
  • Agricultural mulch films
  • Foam insulation


  • Excellent protection against termite attacks
  • heavy metal free & environmentally friendly
  • Low dosage level and colourable
  • Easy to store, handle and process
  • Does not require special equipment to process

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