Antioxidant Masterbatches


We provide organic compounds which are incorporated at low concentrations to inhibit or retard polymer oxidation and its ensuing degradative effects.Plastic generally ages rapidly under the effects of light, oxygen and heat. This ageing leads to loss of strength, stiffness or flexibility of the plastic part and it can discolor, lose its gloss or turn yellow. Antioxidants are used to prevent thermal degradation and inhibit oxidation.It helps to prevent discoloration, degradation by chain scission and/or cross linking of polymers during processing and ensure long term properties of the finished articles. Basically, it stops the polymer degradation by slowing down both oxidation cycles and creating new dead-end chemical reactions of inert molecules. They prevent the oxidation of polymers during the processing.


  • Rotational, Injection, Blow molding
  • Drip pipes, Cables, tapes and ducts
  • Raffia/ woven sacks/tapeline
  • Blown films , Greenhouse film , laminated films, mulch film
  • Sheets
  • Furniture & Household items
  • Industrial drums / barrels


  • Decreases the formation of free radicals
  • Completely stops the degradation and oxidation of organic polymers
  • Strong strength and stiffness
  • Avoids discoloration
  • Used as process stabilizer and heat resistance for sensitive material
  • Avoids oxidation damage during extrusion

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