Antirodent Masterbatches


UNITED ANTIRODENT MASTERBATCH is a concentrate which uses non-toxic rodent repellent, which deters rodent attack but does not kill the rodents. It causes an extremely unpleasant sensation when rodents try to bite the finished products. Such intense and unpleasant sensation deters rodents from further attempts to attacks. The active ingredients exhibit low migration from the finished product and are harmless to humans and plant foliage. It uses an unique non-hazardous formulation based on aversion repellent rodents. This proprietary formulation based on bittering agent is made in an easy dispensable carrier resin to make it compatible with main polymers such as PE, PP, PVC, ABS, EVA, TPO, TPE etc.


  • Tubes & pipes, trunkings
  • Installed underground or otherwise, against rodent attacks.
  • wire & cable
  • plastic doors, sidings, benches, railway components etc
  • Injection parts ,Film Extrusion, Blow Molding & Rotational Molding


  • Excellent protection against rodents
  • Environmentally friendly, heavy metal free
  • Low dosage level and is colorable
  • Compatible with varieties of resins including PE, PE-copolymers, EVA, PP, PVC etc
  • Easy to store, handle and process

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