Antistatic Masterbatches


An antistatic agent is a compound used for treatment of materials or their surfaces in order to reduce or eliminate buildup of static electricity. Internal antistatic agents are designed to be mixed directly into the material & external antistatic agents are applied to the surface.Most plastic materials are good insulators and have the ability to support high static charge build up. This can be a particular problem for films which have large surface area to volume ratios.UNITED MASTERBATCH provides with Antistatic Masterbatch which reduce static build up in polymers. They have the positive impact of reducing handling problems during transport and storage.


  • Electronic equipments
  • Films & blow moulding applications
  • Electronic packaging
  • Military parts
  • Healthcare parts


  • Reduced dust pick up
  • Less handling difficulties
  • Eliminated electrical discharge
  • Reduce the tendency of surfaces to accumulate electrostatic charges
  • Increasing the surface conductance, most often by making use of the high conductivity of water.

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