Clarifying Masterbatches


Nucleating agents used purposely for optimizing the optical properties are also known as clarifying agents.Nucleating agents that enhance the transparency of semi-crystalline polymers are referred to as clarifying agents.All clarifying agents are nucleating agents, but not all nucleating agents are clarifying agents.

The major application for clarifying agents is clarified polypropylene.We provide clarifying masterbatch which is composed of the major class of clarifying agents (sorbitol acetals) dissolved in the PP melt during processing.Upon cooling from the melt, a fibrous network of clarifying agent is formed.This magnifies nucleation density yielding spherulites with reduced size (Smaller than 1 micron) Clarifiers increase the clarity of PP by reducing the size of the spherulites. Smaller spherulites allow more light through the polymer, which decreases the haze of the part. Unlike nucleating agents, clarifiers are transparent, which also helps to decrease haze values.


  • Intensified productivity
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Versatility
  • Enhanced physical properties like higher stiffness, HDT.
  • Wider processability
  • Excellent taste & odour properties
  • Outstanding nucleation capability
  • Increased clarity


  • Stretch Blow ,Extrusion Blow, Injection as well as Thin Wall Injection Moulding
  • Sheet Extrusion
  • Thermoforming
  • Food Storage
  • Foldable containers, also Jugs,Jars, bottles and buckets
  • Carafes,Clamshells, Cups & trays

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