Colour Masterbatch


UMBPL is a client focused organization engaged in a broad array of Colour Master Batches. Our collection of color Masterbatches is available in different varieties of shades to meet different industrial requirements. We have the high end facilities in our color matching laboratory, which enables us to develop colors as per the choice of our customers.

precolored resin masterbatch manufacturer


We manufacture these color Masterbatches with virgin raw materials and the processing is done on the latest machinery leading to high quality products. Our color Master batches are highly suitable in varied industrial applications including manufacturing of mono / multi layer film, Woven Sacks, injection moulding , rotomoulding, blow moulding, HDPE pipe, wires and cables etc.

The offered batches are made using high quality pigments, superior mixing process and with different carriers. Our offered batches are available with various shades as per RAL colour shades.


  • Improve the appearance and performance of resins to meet the exact specifications
  • Good heat stability, light fastness & no migration properties in end product
  • Provides excellent process ability, outstanding color stability, and strength
  • Offer very high color strength compared to competitive concentrates
  • Made under strict QC system supported by Spectrophotometer which gives unmatched consistency & reliability
  • The pigments are carefully selected for chemical resistance, gas fading resistance, and color fastness.
  • Range of colours suitable for outdoor applications with excellent weathering properties.
  • We can provide products to meet the relevant food contact, toy and waste packaging regulations
  • Tailor made color masterbatches for packaging applications such as bottles and caps, crates, for other applications if required.
  • Lead and heavy metal free masterbatches (ROHS)


  • Film & Tapes carrier and garbage bags, woven sacks, ropes, strapped bands.
  • Blow Molding bottles for cosmetics, detergents, lubricants, large containers, jerry cans.
  • Injection/Blow/Roto Molding : Household items, industrial moldings, bottle caps, garden furniture, flower pots.
  • Extrusion pipe, profiles, sheets, thermoforming.
  • Wires & Cables : Power and telecommunication cable insulation and sheathing.
  • General purpose or commodity
  • Manufacturing of yarns for carpets