Polymer Processing Aid Masterbatch


UMPPA is a Fluoro Polymer based processing additive designed to give benefits in extrusion or blow moulding process. The fluoro polymer is dispersed in a host polymer carrier resin & since these two materials are immiscible, during melt processing, the fluoropolymer component will separate from its host carrier. The fluoropolymer has a high affinity for metal and will form a dynamic low friction surface coating on the extruder screw, barrel and die which enables the polymer melt to pass through with less resistance, i.e.; it works by modifying the interface surface between the polymer melt and metal surfaces of the extruder’s barrel and die.

This helps to reduce pressure and motor torque within the extruder giving the processor scope for energy savings.


  • Blown film to fibre, profile extrusion
  • Used with many polymers including LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, polystyrene, ABS and others
  • PP films or sheets
  • Filaments
  • Stripes
  • Pipe/tubing
  • Cabling processes


  • Eliminates die build up
  • Improve the melt processability and handling of high molecular weight polymers
  • Give finished articles improved aesthetic properties by removing flow marks and die lines
  • Improve the parts gloss and clarity, haze reduction & Faster color change
  • Elimination of melt fracture & sharkskin
  • Reduce operating pressures and cycle times & Increased output
  • Extrusion through narrower die gaps & reduce variations in thickness profile
  • Reduction in gel formation during extrusion

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