Slip Masterbatches


UNITED MASTERBATCH provides with innovative range of slip agents. Slip agents work by introducing lubricious coating layer to the polymer surface.During processing these Masterbatches are solubilized in the amorphous melt, but as the cooling of the polymer occurs the fatty acid amide is squeezed out forming a lubricating layer at the polymer surface. Addition of slip additive thus gives easy slippage of film over surfaces.We provide slow slip Masterbatches and fast slip Masterbatches.United slow slip Masterbatches are based on highly pure erucamide- a slow slip additive & United fast slip Masterbatches are based on highly pure oleamide-a fast slip additive.


  • Processing of flat profiles like film, sheet etc.
  • Film packaging like bubble film,moulding, agricultural films, polyethylene films
  • Extruded sheet & foam
  • Blown & cast film


  • Maintains optical properties such as brilliance, transparency, and clarity
  • Reduce or eliminate sticking
  • Superb dispersion
  • Stable & efficient film packaging
  • Reduces the Friction Coefficient (COF)
  • Cost effective

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