UNITED METALLIC MASTERBATCH is one of the mostly used Masterbatches for a metallic or glittering finish on the end product. Our Masterbatches are composed with accurate amount of metallic flakes or pigments and a conventional solid coloring system which makes them suitable for injection molded items and cosmetic tubes. Metallic pigments are used in the coloration of plastic materials for their optical effects; they also increase the value and look of the polymer. It provides a durable protection of the metallic pigment after application, because the metallic pigments remain in the polymer matrix. Our Masterbatches are strictly checked for chemical properties.


  • Blow molding
  • Injection molding
  • PE & PP Films
  • Automotive & electrical
  • Cosmetic tubes
  • Consumer products like plastic chairs, cosmetic bottles, fashion products


  • Good Light fastness
  • Good dispersion
  • Low melting point
  • Easy to process
  • Good Chemical stability

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