UNITED ANTIFOAM MASTERBATCHES are organo-modified siloxanes specially designed to remove the water, bubble and other drawbacks in the plastic product with PE & PP as raw materials. The use of UNITED ANTIFOAM MASTERBATCHES will reduce usage of traditional technology of using of drying equipments. It helps to remove the moisture present in the plastic product will become steam with time which may further lead to bubbles, crackle, spot & hole in the plastic product.


  • Fibers/carpets / Textile industry
  • Rubber hoses and gaskets
  • Roto moulding
  • Extrusion
  • Injection moulding
  • Film processing


  • Non toxic
  • Non contaminant
  • Reduces cost of product
  • Improves mechanical property
  • Enhances appearance of the product
  • No surface defects, fish eyes

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