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The UNICOM UV MASTERBATCH is more specifically a high molecular weight Hindered Amine Light Stabilizer (HALS) Masterbatch. Exposure to sunlight and some artificial lights can have adverse effects on the useful life of polyolefin products. UV radiation can break down the chemical bonds in a polymer. This process is called photo-degradation and ultimately causes cracking, chalking, colour changes and loss of physical properties such as impact strength, tensile strength, elongation and other properties.

U.V. Stabilizers are two types:

1- UVA: UVA slows down the degradation process by absorbing low wavelength light (ultra violet radiation) and dissipating it as thermal energy.

2- HALS(HINDERED AMINE LIGHT STABILIZER): HALS are very effective and efficient stabilizer for polyolefins. They do not absorb UV radiation, but act to inhibit degradation of the polymer. This is a cyclic process wherein the HALS are regenerated rather than consumed during the stabilization process.
The UNICOM UV MASTERBATCH are synergistic mixture of UVA and HALS and some other UV additives which are based on high molecular wt. and high performance HALS.


  • Specially LDPE Lamination on PP Raffia
  • PP Raffia, PP Moulding
  • Basically all application of PP
  • Used in all applications of PE
  • LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE films, tapes and thick sections and for PP in fibers and film
  • PPR Pipes


  • Prevent the formation of free radicals,Protecting the polymer chain to break
  • Improve the stabilization of product.
  • It helps to prevent loss of strength, stiffness or flexibility of product
  • To prevent discoloration and loss of gloss of product.
  • It is contributor to plant protection, growth, and productivity.
  • It helps in disease control in plants by UV protection

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