Antiblocking Masterbatches


Blocking is the adhesion of two adjacent film layers which occurs due to the presence of Van der Waal’s forces between the amorphous regions of the polymer or presence of low molecular weight species which tend to migrate to the surface of the film. Anti blocking agents are added to the polyolefins to combat these issues. Anti blocks present in the resin microscopically protrudes from the film surface. This creates asperities or microscopic roughening which help to minimize the film-to-film surface contact, increasing the distance between the two layers, thereby minimizing blocking.


  • Packaging
  • Condensed globule bags items
  • Injection molding & Blow molding, Extrusion
  • PP, PE, PO, BOPP films
  • Mono/multilayer blown films & cast films


  • Permits fast slitting of the reels & smooth unwinding of films
  • Decrease friction between layers
  • Enhances optical clarity
  • Does not cause gel on film, white dust in fabrication process
  • Highly durable with a high melting point

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