Managing plastic waste is a big challenge. Most polymers do not degrade after land filling or by throwing as garbage. UNITED MASTERBATCH offers unique Oxo-Biodegradable solutions for serving such purpose. Our product is based on mixture of transition metal salts. It helps to facilitate bio-degradation of plastics in presence of UV/Sunlight & Oxygen.


  • Textile wrap
  • Agricultural mulch films
  • Raffia bags, Hosiery bags
  • Air bubble film, Stretch wrap film, Lamination films
  • Injection Moulding, Extrusion as well as Blow Moulded Components
  • Garbage, Nursery & Hospital bags


  • Facilitates bio-degradation of plastics in the presence of UV/Sunlight & Oxygen
  • Plastic disposal becomes easy and safe
  • High efficacy
  • Food safety
  • Effective at low addition levels
  • Ecologically safe

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